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Musings, life, and assorted bits of randomosity.

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Davey. 24. Pisces. Blue-eyed. X-ian. Sharp of tongue and mind. Rocks the faux-hawk. Open-minded. A bit gullible. Invents and propagates slang. Can curse like a sailor. Lives for music. Writer. Gamer. A bit of a dork. Sarcastic to a fault at times. Tends to care for people too much. Empathetic. Has a dirty mind. Loves dark humor. Paints a picture of normalcy. Afraid pre-teens are growing up way too fast now. Effeminate. Gives good advice. Creative. Has a tendency to say too much. Attention Defecit Disord—Learning to play Bass guitar. Sings. Attempting to join/put together a band. Loves imported beer. Has a knack for computers. Struggles to trust people. Searches for beauty. Parties with the best of 'em. Can drink anyone under a table. Has lived a very turbulent life. Clings tightly to his worldview and close friends. Can throw off a "that's what s/he said" with perfect timing.
At my core, I'm a pretty nice, happy-go-lucky, unimposing, polite dude. I'm also a recovering drug addict and have been to two live-in rehabs. I love bitter tasting stuff: coffee, dark chocolate, etc. I also update this journal whenever I feel like I have something to say, which comes at random moments. I can be a bit of a social butterfly and a touch hyperactive for some, but I can also tone it down if you're more subdued—it's not as though I'm constantly bouncing off walls. :P I'm pretty addicted to video games, and absolutely cannot live without music.
This will be the section wherein I list my current everythings: TV shows, movies, reads, music I'm listening to, etc. Note: just because I may not have similar fandoms with you does not mean that we still cannot be friends; I'm fairly accepting of other fandoms and am usually dragged into new ones by my own friends. Also know that these are just ones that I'm currently digging in particular.

TV Series:
Chelsea Lately | Top Chef | Work of Art | Weeds | Dexter | Avatar: The Last Airbender | The IT Crowd | Supernatural.

Watchmen | Ten Inch Hero | Repo! The Genetic Opera | The Shawshank Redemption | Sherlock Holmes.

Yotsuba&! | Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea

Lady Gaga | Avenged Sevenfold | Garbage La Roux | Manchester Orchestra | Muse Paramore | Brand New.
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