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(Note: this entry has been temporarily made public for those wishing to read the fanfic.)

I took a(nother) half-day from work today because I pulled a muscle in my back during that hot bout of sex I had last night with a complete strangerin my sleep. (Completely joking about the strike-through.) Before I went to bed, though... I've had this fic idea bouncing around my dark and incredibly warpedmind for the past several months, and a small voice inside of me said, "Maybe you should get started on that fic tonight." Well, once I started writing it, something completely took over, and... well, I finished it and gave it another critical read (after running by my Beta), so... here it is. It basically wrote itself, and I'm basically probably going to Hell (hence the subject of this entry) for even writing this, but, oh well! *hopes he isn't disowned by his FList for sharing it*

Warning: This fic is incredibly dark and v. fucked up. I do not condone the actions described herein in any way, shape or form. I was just inspired, I suppose, and I wanted to write about the Winchesters and their incredibly screwed up idea of proper familial love.

Title: The Hunter’s Tool
Characters/Pairing: John/Dean, comfort Dean/Sam
Rating: ~NC-17. EVERY BIT OF IT.
Warnings: Papa!cest, very dark, dub-con, underage, h/c, pre-series

Of course his loyalty to his father couldn’t be questioned.Collapse )

Now that that's out of the way... Heroes last night was indeed INCREDIBLE. I loved every SECOND of it. One of the plot "twists" (no spoiling) I kinda saw coming, more-so after I heard other fan-speculation regarding it. But yeah. AMAAAAZING ep.

My throat's a little bit on the ticklish/sore side, so no singing today. :[ Sorry BBs. I promise it will come (TWS/HS), just... at a later date.
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28 February 1986 @ 10:27 pm

I'm sure you know the drill by now. Don't be afraid to add me though! <3